Can i use Cryptomator locally?


I don’t care about reveal files metadata like date or size… I only care about content of my files.

Veracrypt so complicated and only use when you can estimate space for your files, dynamic container is slow and you still need to estimate size of space (maximum size).

So, i want to use Cryptomator to protect my files content locally on my PC instead another software.

There are something or problem i need to know?

Yes, you can do this … but it all depends on exactly what you want to protect. Putting personal files in a Cryptomator vault works fine on your primary drive, a secondary (internal or external), or on a networked device. You may run into problems, however, if you try to place files that your OS or applications need to run inside of Cryptomator vaults.

Moreover, a simpler solution for any device’s primary drive is to take advantage of the full disk encryption (FDE) solutions offered by each major OS. In Windows, this would be BitLocker; in macOS, this would be FileVault; in most Linux distros, this would be LUKS.

Those would probably offer a more comprehensive level of protection, with arguably less hassle. That is, those would encrypt everything encompassed by the file system (including OS and application files), with only a need for unlocking the drive (with your password or other authentication method) at startup. Nearly all of these FDE options use some form of AES encryption (as does Cryptomator), but they would cover everything, not just what you place inside of a vault. That’s what I would start with … and then use Cryptomator for data you want to encrypt and store on devices where FDE is undesirable or unworkable.