Can I use Crypomator Desktop without a Cloud Client installed?

I would like to use cryptomator with Mega, but without having the files cloned on my local disk (basically, like on Android, where one can set a webdav account).
But when I am trying to set up a new vault in cryptomator, the only option I have is to pick from a local storage.

I need some help here to understand how to use cryptomator for this particular need.

Although there is an article saying that Mega doesn’t offer webdav due to their own internal encryption engine, ( )

there is also this:

…so, I can’t make head to tails on this one.


This: and this might be useful.

You might want to review those. To me it appears as if they support WebDav, but you must still access data through one of their tools (e.g. their command-line client). So I don’t see how Cryptomator can easily be added to that mix.

EDIT: Their own command line tool supports serving a folder as a WebDav location, so you might be able to put a Cryptomator vault inside that WebDav location. Not sure whether that would meet your objectives; you will be getting double enrcryption (Mega + Cryptomator) so access will likely be slower than you’d like.

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Unlike the mobile apps, Cryptomator Desktop is designed to do only the encryption and use the sync tool of your cloud provider and thus work with as many as online storage providers as possible.
Sad said, the question is not “how to use cryptomator in your szenario” (because cryptomator desctop does not sync), but “how to connect MEGA to your system without using their sync client.”

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FYI: Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications?

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