Can I upload Cryptomator encrypted folder directly via browser?

I prefer uploading my encrypted files directly via a browser rather than using the desktop app. I am using Linux and Yandex Disk as cloud storage.

After creating the vault and closing it, I noticed that Cryptomator leaves files like masterkey.cryptomator, IMPORTANT.rtf, and so on. Should I compress all these files into a single zip file and upload the zip file via browser?

If I lose my computer, how can I recover and decrypt back my files? Thanks.

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You can, but it does not make sense. If you only change one file in your vault, you have to upload the complete data (as zip) to keep your online version up to date. Further more you don’t have Access to your vault via mobile app or cyberduck, if the vault is in a zip file.

Install Cryptomator on new PC, download the vault, add the vault in your Cryptomator desktop app, enter password, unlock.
(Or connect via mobile or cyberduck directly, if the vault is not zipped).


I don’t store big files as sensitive data via Cryptomator. I only store a few text files (my journals) and some HTML files, so it will be fine for me.

Is CyberDuck available for Linux?

So, I have to unzip the Cryptomator vault first, start the app, choose add vault and then Open Existing Vault? How can Cryptomator know my previous vault?

only the CLI version (

It does not, as it is a fresh installation in this case. (and I’m afraid I dont get your point)
You need an installed cryptomator app to open a cryptomator vault.
So if your PC is lost and the vault zip file you have created and uploaded (means the folder where the masterkey-file is located and all subfolders) is still available, just store the vault files somewhere on your new PC, install cryptomator and tell cryptomator where to find your vault by adding your existing vault via the big “add vault” button on the left lower corner of the cryptomator windows. Or you just double-click the masterkey file of your vault after you installed cryptomator

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Thanks for the prompt reply. There are 2 masterkey files in the vault. Which one should I double-click in case I want to recover my files? masterkey.cryptomator or masterkey.cryptomator.number.bkup. Sorry for asking too much.

The last one is just a backup of the first one, that is created after a successful unlock.
Just in case your Masterkey file is damaged.
So you Click the first one without the number.


The advantage that Cryptomator brings, is that it allows us to synchronise our data in an encrypted form on cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.

If you’re not looking to synchronise data, rather you just want to manually upload and store a single encrypted file, there are other simpler and perhaps cryptographically stronger options.

7-Zip for example, supports AES-256 (comparable to Cryptomator). You can 7z your files encrypting them with a password, then upload. You also get the added bonus of great compression.

If you’re looking for stronger encryption, then consider VeraCrypt.

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