Can I sync my entire Linux Mint home directory using cryptomator? I use OneDrive

I am setting up a new linux machine that has full drive encryption. I want to get a cloud backup solution in place that backs up all my personal data and system config, i.e. home directory, and sends this securely to OneDrive (using abraunegg client, which is great btw).

Is cryptomator fit for that? I am guesisng not because the vault could be stored on onedrive / synced there, but it has to be unlocked to use it? So the home dir wouldn’t be able to unlock until login and so it wouldn’t work?

Wrong use of cryptomator perhaps?

Maybe I just want a deja dup encrypted home backup, synced to cloud?

THoughts? THanks!

I am not on Linux, but from a general OS point of view this will not work for the reasons you already mentioned.
But if you are only looking for a online backup solution, then you might consider just to copy your files in an opened vault during your backup process, and then sync this copy with the cloud.

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