Can I Store my Vault directly on my iphone?

I’d like to store my vault directly on my iphone and upload the entire thing to the cloud after I’m done working with it. Do I absolutely have to upload individual files to the cloud before it gets stored in the vault? Are they encrypted when they’re being uploaded or can the cloud provider see them?

Hi. No that’s not possible at the moment. And I’m not sure if this will be possible when the new redesigned app is released. The app directly connects to your vaults online. You can not create a vault on your phone.

All files you store in your vault are encrypted on your phone and uploaded to your cloud storage. The provider is not able to see an uncreated version of your file at any time.

I was wondering about kind of the same thing just before. Is it because of security restrictions that it can’t work like it does on e.g. Windows?