Can I rename how my vault appears in the Finder on a Mac?

I recently had to move my vault from OneDrive to iCloud, due to the mess that Micro$oft has made of OneDrive in Monterey. The weird thing is, in the previous incarnation, when I unlocked/mounted my vault in the Finder, it was named ‘Cryptomator’. After moving it to iCloud, it now mounts as ‘Documents’! It’s obviously not a huge deal, but it’s slightly confusing to have another major data store on my Mac called Documents. Is there any way to rename it??

Judging from the lack of replies, I take it that I can’t rename the ‘top-level’ folder name for my vault?

Might there be a way I could delete and recreate the vault, in order to change its title back to what I had before (‘cryptomator’, instead of ‘documents’)??

I just had a thought…

In iCloud Drive, there’s a folder called Cryptomator with an included ‘readme’ file that explains that Cryptomator vaults have to be stored in this folder. I simply added the files/folders from my old OneDrive vault to the top level of that folder in iCloud Drive. Could I put them inside a subfolder called Cryptomator, and thereby accomplish what I’m hoping for?

The “top-level” folder name can be renamed to anything you like.

Fyi, if you’re using Cryptomator 2 on iOS, you can actually put your vault anywhere in iCloud Drive. The restriction was only applicable to the “old” Cryptomator iOS app since it was only able to access its own “iCloud container”.

Thanks @tobihagemann, but can you help me out with how I go about changing the name of the top-level folder? It won’t let me do it in the Finder…

Oh, I think, I understand now. You put the contents of the vault (masterkey file, folder “d”, and so on) directly inside the iCloud container of Cryptomator, right? In that case, the vault name is indeed “Documents” and not “Cryptomator”. iCloud Drive is “special” and the container path is ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~setolabs~Cryptomator/Documents. As you can see, the last path component is Documents. This can’t be renamed, that’s true.

My advice is to create a new folder (with any name you’d like) inside the iCloud container and put the vault contents there. That was actually what was meant in the readme.pdf.

Thanks again. I’ll do that!!