Can i promote this app on my youtube channel?

hey cryptomator team,
Thankyou all for providing such a beautiful app. By releasing source code of android app you showed that truely you are not here to make profits.

Now i wonder if i can promote this app through my youtube channel. i have made a complete tutorial on this app. @SailReal

thankyou team.

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Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:.

What do you exactly mean by promoting the app through your youtube channel?

We are always happy to see tutorials about how Cryptomator works and how to use it.

Promoting the app through my youtube channel doesn’t means that i am asking any kind of money etc. It means i made a tutorial and now can i share .apk version to my subscribers for free there? This app will not get auto updated through playstore or in any way.

I want that everyone should use this app and donate if they like it and if they are going to use it for years then he must give some donation to cryptomator to keep it up its development like signal messenger.

You have open sourced android version app too. This shows purety of cryptomator team. That’s why i am asking. In India very few know about this app. Even i nvr saw someone using cryptomator. That’s why i want to put target that if my video gets required unique views then may be i will share android app there .
Now if you say i can’t share it there , i’ll definitely not. I am asking for your permissions with duly respect.

Thank you for reaching out to us first and for the intention to spread Cryptomator. The idea sounds basically plausible and good but unfortunately no approval, that has a few reasons:

Security: I’m not implying that, but in general a modified app that doesn’t come from our hands can be an unpredictable security problem for the user and can fall back on us if misused (e.g. negative press etc).

Sustainability: It costs money to develop Cryptomator. We are involved in development full-time and would love to continue doing so. For this, we still need, among other things, the income from the Android app so we can pay our salaries and don’t have to work for something else on the side.

Fairness: Other Cryptomator users have purchased the Android app. It would not be very fair to them if we allowed a free variant.

For each category there would be a few more points to mention, also there are more categories but I didn’t want to make this post too long but still provide some justifications.

I hope you can understand this, thank you again for contacting us and thank you for your goals to spread the word about Cryptomator.

Maybe a translation into an appropriate language would be a possibility to spread Cryptomator in some countries. If you are interested, here is the link to Crowdin, where we manage the different languages and where you can easily add a new one. With the next release the app would be available in the appropriate language.

Happy to hear from you.


Bro please reconsider, i have done alot of video editing (as i am new learning it) and made awesome video. What to tell what not and keep it concise. i’ll show you unique viewers, than can it be possible just give me some 8-10promotional codes, and 20-30 40% discount coupan to give my viewers. We will set bigger target like 2000-3000 unique viewers.i mean people who don’t know about this app is never gonna buy it because literally he doesn’t know about this app & how to ise it. Atleast they will start using this app and then they too will tell about it and in this way it becomes a chain. I just want to watch cryptomator growing. I am using it since oct 2020. Before, i too didn’t know about this app.

Fairness- it is fair , i also have purchased this app because it worths that much money. And you can set a poll , no one gonna hurt by doing this. Because each lover of cryptomator wants this . They wanna watch it growing because with growing users , its developer also work harder to make it better. It’s kinda motivation.
Seriously i dont have any hidden agenda here.

I can translate this app in hindi which is very typical language because in india if someone gonna use this app, he will be enough educated to understand english rather than hindi. For instance, what is the hindi of “Encryption” i don’t know. Hope you get my point.

We have to admit, that we haven’t done much marketing so far. Our focus has always been on software quality. We see a lot of companies creating mediocre software but putting much effort into ads.

That said, we do have the infrastructure to create coupon codes (as used during sale weeks). We will discuss our options here. I think it is a fair request to give out a limited number of coupon codes to influencers, who share our goal to empower people in digital self-defense.