Can I create and edit text files from within Cryptomator IOS app

Is it possible to create and edit a text file in IOS app? I had uploaded a text file from my pc. I can see the text in IOS app, but cant seem to edit it. I am on IOS 12.4.1 and Cryptometer 1.4.0 (630)…

Tx in advance

No you can’t create/edit files directly within the Cryptomator app. You’ll have to share the file to your dedicated app (Texteditor), do your changes, and then push it back to Cryptomator via the share function.

if anyone else is looking for a simple and free .txt solution for iphone and ipad:

after trying out at least half a dozen text editors for ios/ipados i can wholeheartedly recommend PRETEXT. it’s a very basic text editor that integrates into the native files app and is able to create .txt files in any folder. you still have to export and re-import the file from the cryptomator app though. there is also a paid version but it just offers more cosmetic options such as alternative app icons.

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