Can i continue to use ctmt with 32bit atom wintab?

in roadmap,
clearly say no ctmt 1.4 for 32bit atom wintab.

ok i stick with 32b atom wintab+ctmt 1.3.3

so will the vault from 1.3.3 and 1.4.x be
fully compatible?

what if i use desktop+1.4.x put a 5gb movie
into a vault and open with atom wintab+ctmt 1.3.3, vice versa?


Cryptomator 1.4.x and 1.3.3 will be compatible. You can keep using 1.3.3 on 32 bit machines and sync the vault with other devices that are on 1.4.x.

5 GB files can not be added to 1.3.3 vaults on Windows, though. See this thread about the 4GiB file size limit in WebDAV.

I.e. you will most likely be able to add a 5 GB file on 1.4.x and open it on 1.3.3 but not the other way round.