Can Cryptomator manage Internet options as an admin?


I have a rare phenomenon on my Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. Cryptomator is installed on both. I can’t change anything in the Internet options under the “Security” tab because this tab is protected by admin rights. I use the PC alone, it is not on any network and is only managed by me. So software has to intervene here. Is it possible that Cryptomator, as an admin, is blocking the internet security controls? Can someone please check this. I’m referring to this window and the yellow highlighted text below.


I really doubt that this is something caused by cryptomator.
Because cryptomator app has nothing to do with your internet connection.
But never the less I checked as I also use a Win11 PC and a Win10 Notebook, both with cryptomator installed. None of them shows a restriction like seen in your screenshot.

So seems to me it looks like you might have an unknown admin on your system, or you allowed the administration of your system by others.
Be aware: if your account is an online account, and if this is an work or school account, and if you didnt uncheck the checkbox when asked “allow my organisation to admin the machine” (or similar, I am using a german client), then some crucial settings are handled not by you anymore. This might also be the case if your account is offline, but you are using an online Microsoft account for your windows apps and also answered the given question with “yes”.
I say “might” because I am not a professional system administrator. Its just the way it works on my private machine that I am using with a work - office account. So I cant say it my suggestion is for sure the reason.

Maybe a look in the account settings shows another account.
(Settings → Accounts ->).
Below your Account name on top is “Administrator” shown. If not, your not an Admin.
You can check “other users” (“Andere Benutzer”) to check if there are more Accounts on the systems.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer. I am logged in with my MS online account as an administrator on my personal PC and there are no other accounts. But you gave me an idea. I use Office 2019 Home and Student with my private Office account. Is it possible that the Home and Student version takes over the administration and if so, can this be reversed somehow? The problem occurs on the desktop and notebook and both have Office 2019 H&S installed in addition to Cryptomator.

To be honest: I have no Idea how to take that back once granted.

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Thx for your help, Michael!