Can cryptomator act as "google drive to webdav" bridge software? my prog use webdav but GDrive dont

Main Q:
my .exe and .apk wanna share file by webdav, could i use ctmt to access google drive, then act as a bridge to provide webdav access to other programs? thx

recently i use a software called bookxnote (bxn) which is alike margin note 3 but for win, and, linux. (mn3 bxn all from china)

bxn provide a way to sync, i.e. to use a common webdav server, input into the .exe and the .apk app.

almost all my files are using Gdrive, part of them i encrypt with ctmt.

so, i wish i could use ctmt on win/and, access gdrive directly; then, use webdav mode, setting up a virtual webdav server. then my .exe and .apk will access it, and sync.

is this possible? thx.

ps: i remember at old ages, then windows webdav protocol limit to 4GB files? i am ok with that.


simply put:
when ctmt access google drive, if use the webdav mode (for windows to access),
can my other .exe programs or .apk apps access the webdav server (which is build in ctmt)?

No that’s not possible.
Cryptomator desktop does not connect to gdrive or any other storage provider. WebDAV is only used to provide a virtual file system so that you can access your files with the file explorer.

from what you said:

gdrive --------some part by ctmt desktop ----> webdav ----> file folder

then, can i directly access that webdav, which is brought to my win desktop by cryptomator?

you can use third party apps to access your vaults as long as your cryptomator volume type setting is “WebDAV (https)”
When you unlock your vault, the former “reveal drive” button will show the URL of the WebDAV address


this is what i want to verify.

thank you.


as said, i made a ctmt container on the gdrive.

in ctmt, i use webdav to mount it.

now it gives me:

so for this server, i know IP shd be, port 42427

but is there should still a userid and a password?

i need this 2 to access using the webdav way.


hey, indeep what we are discussing is here:

but i think i need that userid and password for the built-in webdav server, thx

The local-only WebDAV server started by Cryptomator does not require any authentication. Hence, there is no username or password.

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