Calibre and metadata


I use Calibre as library manager. The folder with the books and the data base is encrypted with Cryptomator because I have a backup copy in pCloud. I prepared a vault with Cryptomator and selected a fixed a unity (B, in my case). I opened Calibre and I created a library and added some books. When I need open Calibre, first I open the Cryptomator vault and afterwards I open Calibre. There is no problem if I want to reed a book. But I can’t change metadata like title or author and I can’t erase a book. This is the error message:

calibre, version 3.33.1
ERROR: Excepción no considerada: error:(2, ‘CreateFileW’, ‘El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado.’) [system can’t find the file]

calibre 3.33.1 [64bit] embedded-python: True is64bit: True
Windows-10-10.0.17134-SP0 Windows (‘64bit’, ‘WindowsPE’)
(‘Windows’, ‘10’, ‘10.0.17134’)
Python 2.7.12+
Windows: (‘10’, ‘10.0.17134’, ‘SP0’, u’Multiprocessor Free’)
Interface language: es
Successfully initialized third party plugins
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\metadata\”, line 631, in accept
File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\metadata\”, line 606, in apply_changes
File “site-packages\calibre\gui2\metadata\”, line 225, in commit
File “site-packages\calibre\db\”, line 824, in func
File “site-packages\calibre\db\”, line 63, in call_func_with_lock
File “site-packages\calibre\db\”, line 1073, in set_field
File “site-packages\calibre\db\”, line 1488, in windows_check_if_files_in_use
File “site-packages\calibre\utils\”, line 382, in init
error: (2, ‘CreateFileW’, ‘El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado.’)

But I can add labels.

I have copied the content of the vault in another folder outside of Cryptomator and the problem disappears.

Thank you very much

Thank you

Cryptomator handles vaults as network drive.
According to the calibre documentation their answer to this configration ist:


Understood. I have just learned a new thing.
Thank you very much.

AFAICT this is due to the Cryptomator drive being case sensitive under the hood and Calibre relies on it on Windows (calling toLower() on the filename, IIRC).
Had a discussion with the author and he “refuses” to change this. So, yes, don’t put your library in Cryptomator (or don’t change metadata).