Building Cryptomator from sources generates jar without fuse and dokany support?


I just tried building Cryptomator develop branch with Oracle Java JDK 10.0.1 and Maven 3 using mvn clean install -Prelease.
The build completed without Errors but the resulting jar only shows WebDav support. Dokany and Fuse are missing.

I tried to change the dependencies to their latest develop branche versions but there was no change. What am I missing?


You can only select FUSE or Dokany if their libraries are detected on the system. Furthermore it depends on operating system which mount method can be selected:

  • Dokany is only present on Windows
  • FUSE is only present on Linux and MacOS

Thank you for the quick answer.

But it makes me wonder, why the prebuild jar that is downloadable on ->
offers me WebDav, FUSE (can’t work but is displayed) and Dokany when started Windows. And Dokany seems to be working just fine.

Because you talked about building from the develop branch :wink: The beta-2 had this bug of selecting an adapter even if it is not supported. This was fixed, some time ago, but after the beta-2 release.

I somehow thought DOKANY was bundled with the jar so no further Installation would be necessary and I just got the bundle process wrong.

Thanks a lot :smile: