Bugs in Cryptomator 1.5.0 RC1

I was experiencing these during the beta1-3 as well. It’s about the JavaEmbeddedFrame being visible on the taskbar. And the second bug is the trey icon being 1/4 it’s size and the remaining 3/4 being black. The third bug i cannot show somehow due to screenshot not working during the menu pop up. But the menu you get when right clicking on the trey icon is too small, probably due to me using Hi-DPI setting.


OS: Linux Mint 19.3 x64
DE: Cinnamon
Using the .appimage version.

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I use the same OS.

Tray icon scaling is now working for me in RC1, but its really blocky ( not using hidpi)
The java embedded frame is still appearing though.

The toolkit we’re using has terrible tray support on Linux. We’re really sorry about this but can not change it for this version. I will however ask about future plans in the upstream dependencies we’re using.

Regarding the JavaEmbeddedFrame thing, we haven’t given up yet. Some more experiments required within the next days.


I don’t really think the tray icon looking as it should be, is a priority. I mean it’s functional, it just looks a bit funky for the time being. You guys will get it smoothed out eventually!

The JavaEmbeddedFrame thing would be nice to not see when the PPA version finally drops.
Looking forward to see another test build if needed and will give feedback on that if it comes.

Also, i really prefer how the RC version ui looks compared to the Beta 2 one. It’s nice and smooth now. It has a lot of style in dark mode i think.

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For the sake of completeness I’ll reference the ticket on our issue tracker: