Bug Report: unable to copy file into the vault: error "0x80070021" (fixed.)

When trying to copy a file (.xls) into one of my two cryptomator vaults on Win 10 Pro, I get an error message “0x80070021”:
“Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da ein anderer Prozess einen Teil der Datei gesperrt hat”.
When trying to save the file from within excel, it also fails “could not save the document”.

I have since this morning the same problem on both of my Windows 10 computers.
With Android it works as usual.

After reading about the bug in 1.4.3, I downgraded to 1.4.2 and the problem was solved.

I hope the version 1.4.4 will come soon without this huge bug.

Version 1.4.4 was released

1.4.4 fixes the issue. Thanks.