BUG REPORT for Android App


I am using CM with OneDrive for Business. The desktop app is working perfectly as far as I can tell but the android app is badly broken on my two different devices: a Nexus 6p and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Many (most) of the files in OD are NOT appearing in the android app. Whole directories and hundreds of files.

OD reports my sync’d folder as being in line with my local drive (i.e. the cloud files are present). I have no idea why there are so many files missing. Bug or feature??


I can’t tell what the actual issue is. Even though you mentioned that OneDrive for Desktop reports that everything is synced, you may try to restart OneDrive to be absolutely sure it’s not a sync issue. If that doesn’t work, please send the log file inside Cryptomator for Android. Maybe there is some information that indicates why most of the files aren’t showing up. Go to “…” at the top-right and select “Settings”. At the bottom, you can “Send log file”.