Bug report: Copying files creates empty copies, if copy process is stopped due to existing file in destination folder

Basic info:
MacOS Mojave: 10.14.4
Cryptomator: 1.4.6 Edit: Issue appears also in 1.4.9

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a destination folder in the encrypted vault with a file test.pdf
  2. Copy files e.g. test.pdf, a.pdf, b.pdf, c.pdf
  3. MacOS Finder warns about existing files and asks user to either skip, stop, or replace
  4. Select stop

All not already existing files appear in Finder as fresh copy with recent date and correct file size. The copies however can’t be opened and the files are actually empty (0 bytes).

Hello, I have the same issue (using Windows10, CM version 1.4.10). Thanks for help.