Bug / Feature Bounties

Dear Community,

Lately I took a closer look on BountySource and IssueHunt.

What do you think about it? Would you rather donate for specific features instead of getting the project funded in general? I can imagine that this has the potential to speed up development by attracting additional developers.

Any thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:

BountySource IssueHunt Others
:heavy_check_mark: 50k members :heavy_check_mark: Apparently no platform fees ?
:heavy_multiplication_x: 10% platform fee
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I think that’s a good idea. Currently some requests are unanswered which might be realized faster if one could give a financial incentive to the developers for specific features. Although Issuehunt does not charge any fees, I would support bounty source, because the community seems bigger.

I’m not sure if this really makes a huge difference. After all I think many of those members have never heard of Cryptomator before. You don’t fund development because you browse through a list of issues on a bug bounty platform, but because you know the project and really want an issue resolved.

That’s a good point :smile:. You’re right.