Bug: Cryptomator 1.4.8 corrupts iWork (Numbers, Pages, Keynotes) files

Basic Info:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.4
Cryptomator 1.4.6 vs 1.4.8
Using Fuse

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a numbers, pages or keynote file, edit content, and save
  2. Try opening it again


  1. Create a new numbers, pages or keynote file and try to save it

These files can’t be saved anymore and become corrupted. They cannot be opened anymore. Also if copying the file outside the vault it doesn’t work anymore. I could only rescue my files with an older encrypted backup of my vault and downloading 1.4.6 again.

All these use cases work fine with 1.4.6, but not with 1.4.8.

I guess it was the same problem as issue #877 on our bug tracker. Gladly it is already fixed and a hotfix released! But to be sure, report back if it works again.

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Yes, it’s fixed. Thank you!