BoxCryptor Refugee

I have safely landed here, after almost 10 years of using BoxCryptor.

Two newbie questions:

  1. I am using Win 10 and my understanding is that WebDAV is associated with this OS. Yet, my installation chose FUSE by default and it works fine. What is the preferred Volume Type for Windows and what are the pros & cons of each?

  2. Is there an advantage to creating a Recovery Key over keeping a safe copy of the original password? In either case I would store them in a password manager (I use Dashlane).


Main “nogo” of Webdav on Windows: it only supports max filesize 4 GB. And some more issues like this one

no. a recovery key is nothing else that an other key to your vault in case you lost your password. Difference: you can change your password, you cant change your recovery key. I store both in my password manager. Just in case :slight_smile:

Thank you Michael for prompt and informative answers.

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