Bootup Delay - VPN Firewall - Unable To Mount

Sometimes I get the org.cryptomator.common.vaults.Volume$VolumeException: Unable to mount Filesystem error on bootup.

I have WindScribe VPN configured with a firewall that doesn’t allow any network traffic on bootup until it connects. Occasionally some apps will complain that there’s no network connection and I have to find a way to “delay” them on startup.

I suspect this might be causing the Cryptomator mount issue at times (sometimes WindScribe will take longer to connect).

Anyway, just wanted the developers to know about this in case they can put a test in the code.

Thanks for reporting. There are in fact plenty reports of mount timeouts when auto-unlocking during system start. I guess in many cases the OS is simply not yet ready or too busy.

Maybe we can add some configurable artificial delay between system start and app start or at least bezween app start and unlock.