Blocked Extensions, Unable to reveal

Hi guys

So sorry for another M1 issue but after days of trying all sorts of posted solutions, I’m at a loss. Searching here for “extension blocked” doesn’t show much too.

Cryptomator version 1.5.14 is installed. All solutions point to making sure the latest version of mac fuse is installed, I have version 4.1.0.

When I try to unlock a vault, I am met with this system extension blocked error:

BUT at the same time, says it has been unlocked successfully (cannot find this folder though).

I go to security settings like most posted solutions have but the issue here is I don’t have anything waiting for me to “allow” like some others do: screenshot here

I decided to try with a brand new vault but the same errors persist. Further, it tells me I have unlocked it but the reveal button does nothing. I’m not sure where it is opening this folder?

Any ideas that don’t involve Rosetta? Thank you!

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Look closer:

Your system extensions are currently disabled globally. Therefore FUSE for macOS can’t ask you at all.

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after hitting the shut down button, hit the power button again but this time hold it. after a while, a screen will say loading startup options.

select the user hard-drive you want to make changes to, and select the ‘security utility’.

select ‘reduced security’ and tick the check box for ‘allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers’

exit, restart and now you can allow the settings you need in System Preferences > Security and Privacy.

should work now!

My sincere apologies. I should have added that I did click that to enable and it asked me to shut down/ restart but when it loaded back up the same problem persists. Is there something I’m missing here? An extra step perhaps? Thank u for your time

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@captntree No worry i also facing this i think we will find out some solution of this. Thanks for sharing this problem with us. :slightly_smiling_face: