Black app window when installed on Chromebook

Upon first start, I see an option to enable a lock screen, I uncheck the box.
I then get a black app window.
There is a back arrow in the upper left which will give me a borderless black window.
And if I click around a bit, there is something in the lower right which gives me the same borderless window.
I am able to click the X in the top border and completely exit.

After searching this forum and elsewhere, I’ve looked into the following:
No (visible) settings screen to try to change the “secure screen” flag.
I do not have the night light filter on the Chromebook enabled.
So does anyone have a solution/workaround?

I just bought the android app and had the same issue on my Pixel Slate. The problem is that it shows a black screen (as you described) when viewed on the 2nd monitor, but on the main screen it looks normal. Very strange, but I basically can only view the app on the main built-in screen. Maybe this was your issue?

This is reviving an old question, but posting here in case it helps anyone else out.

What happens if you disable the screen security flag in the settings?

Here’s an update from the OP.
I’ve checked back infrequently as I found another place for my files.
But I checked back yesterday (thanks satopower!) and sometime between July and now, something got fixed, and it works. My issue resolved.
An initial black screen, but that times out after a second or so, and the app is usable on the same Chromebook as before.
Works with 2 displays too, and even with night-light enabled.
Currently running 1.4.3, I don’t remember what I had back in July.
My “screen security” and “block app when obscured” are both enabled, but couldn’t hurt to try to flip one or the other since you at least have access on the built-in display.

Thanks for reporting :slightly_smiling_face: !