Best way to handle Backblaze constantly scanning my files and preventing me to lock the vaults gracefully?

So I’m not exactly sure about how Backblaze runs but I think it’s constantly scanning files, so after opening a Cryptomator vault, it is nearly impossible to close it “gracefully” (sometimes I get lucky and they do close, maybe Backblaze was not scanning anymore)

What do you think I should do in the long run to prevent corruption problems? Force locking? Is it safer to just leave them unlocked until I close Windows? I don’t know if the latter option is better or worse because closing Windows will close Backblaze, but will also close Cryptomator, which will have open vaults.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’d recommend you exclude the Cryptomator data folder (or the whole Cloud storage volume which your cloud drive provider mounts for you) from the Backblaze backup. It’s the “Exclusions” tab in the Backblaze Backup setting.
Does that make sense?

Sorry I didn’t explain myself properly, the cryptomator folder is not excluded because I want it to be backed up. What I’m wondering is, in case it can’t be gracefully locked, is it better to force lock it or to close windows ( and then unplug my HDD)


This does not matter as it is both the same. Closing the vault despite a process is detected that is accessing the vault.