Best way of installing/running Cryptomator on ChromeOS?


I’ve “installed” the latest version (1.6.10) of Cryptomator on my Chromebook using the AppImage file. AS I’M SURE OTHER USERS HAVE OBSERVED, IT IS NECESSARY TO INSTALL THE libfuse2 library IN ORDER FOR ANY APPIMAGE PROGRAM TO RUN UNDER THE LATEST VERSION OF CHROMEOS.

The AppImage version of Cryptomator more-or-less runs, but seems prone to locking up in a way that requires me to Sign out or restart the system. This problem, unfortunately, seems somewhat random and I can’t consistently reproduce it…

UPDATE: It seems I was incorrect about the lack of an icon to represent the running (and perhaps minimized) version of Cryptomator. There is a “Penquin” icon on the Shelf that represents the running version of Cryptomator. (I had thought that this icon represented a DIFFERENT running program, but I was mistaken!) There is small line under the picture of the Penquin. Interestingly, when Cryptomator is minimized this line gets a little shorter! When Cryptomator is minimized, clicking on the Penquin will restore the program.

One odd thing: When I unlock one of my vaults, Cryptomator execute a “Reveal Drive” without being asked to do so! This behavior only happens with ONE of my vaults - seems strange.

I’m wondering what luck other folks have had running the Linux version of Cryptomator on a Chromebook and if they have tried installing the program in a different way (e.g. using a PPA)?

Looking forward to seeing any comments, Wayne