Best pratice Replace VeraCrypt with Cryptomator

Hello, I would like to replace VeraCrypt with Cryptomator and would like to hear your opinion or know if this plan works like this.

Currently I have a Veracrypt vault with about 80 GB on a local hard drive. I automatically back it up to an external hard drive and monthly to OneDrive with Duplicati. The backup to the cloud is always time-consuming, because the whole container and not only the changes can be backed up. The file are sensitive and they always need to be encrypted (even on the local drive).

If I now create a Cryptomator vault, the problem should be solved and incremental backups can be made? Also, the size of the vault could grow and would not have to have a fixed size at the beginning as with VeraCrypt.

Alternatively, I considered creating the Cryptomator vault directly on OneDrive. This way it would be available on both my systems (MAC/Windows) at any time. I would then make the files “available offline” and then additionally backup them to an external hard drive daily/weekly. That way I would have the data even if my OneDrive account was gone. Is this correct and I could save the montly backups on OneDrive? I would maybe consider then a monthly backup to another storage provider for additional safety. Do you have a recommendation for a software or is Duplicati they way to go for this “extra” backup?

  • Are there any problems with incremental backups of encrypted Cryotpmator vaults or do they work like “normal files” without any problems?

Thank you for your help!


Thats what Cryptomator was build for, so yes.

Yes they do, but I would recommend to sync your backup into an open vault (wherever the encrypted vault files are located), instead of pushing around the encrypted vault files. From my point of view there’s a risk to mess up the encrypted vault files during these operations, which will lead to data loss.
I guess this is what you ment with your alternative solution.
For example: If I do backups I copy all new/changed files from my local disc into a vault that is synced with onedrive, and in a second step I do the same with a vault that’s stored in googledrive (and as I am paranoid I have some more backups on external storages, that are not encrypted with cryptomator but with bitlocker or veracrypt, and of course I keep historic file versions as well.)
But I always sync my files into a vault, I do never sync the vault files them self between the storages. I just feel better this way. And it would prevent that I am spreading problems with vault a to all other backups (although I never had problems with my vaults so far).

I do not now Duplicati, but I use for every backup scenario the (free) Software Personal Backup and do not miss anything and never had problems accessing a the virtual drive cryptomator is creating. But of course there are for sure also other good backup solutions available.
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Thank you for your reply and also for recommending the program.

Nice that Cryptomator is well suited for this. I’ve been using it for a while on the iPhone and Android. But only to securely synchronize sensitive files while traveling. Now I want to replace the somewhat “old” Veracrypt solution. Gladly I also donate for the software. It is really worth it!