Best Method to use Cryptomator+Dropbox and use Sync/Mega as Backup drive

cryptomator is the best app available on cross platform. it is free and open source software , faster encryption than boxcryptor. also here is a basic video which shows How Cryptomator app works on android and how neat and clean UI it has.

Here is the link to that video

look how You should use cloud storage + cryptomator

**1- use cryptomator with Dropbox (both supports block level sync dropbox and cryptomator) **
2- Use Sync/Mega app to have backup those files you upload on dropbox using cryptomator. if something wrong happend then you always have a backup copy . this is the best way to use cryptomator .Sync cloud is the best cloud app to use in iphone. I personally use cryptomator with dropbox and sync cloud for backup if anything wrong happens with cryptoamtor.

@SailReal bro what’s your opinion on my method “How to use cloud storage+cryptomator”?