Best and cheapest cloud storage for use with Cryptomator?

I’m currently using Cryptomator with Google Drive and it works great. However, as you might have heard, Google rolled out some changes in pricing recently and has capped the amount of data I’m able to store. As of right now, I’m right at the limit before I have to start paying even more (2 TB).

I’m trying to find a viable alternative so that I can back up my data, the bulk of it is personal and professional photos and videos and I don’t need to access them frequently. I just sleep better knowing that I have everything I have at home backed up somewhere remote and safe.

Google is charging me $12/mo for G Suite (or whatever it is called now). Is there anything that offers a decent amount of storage for the same price? I’m eyeballing Blackblaze, but I don’t want to back up my main drive and it is forcing me to do so.

Really comes down to how much storage you need.

I personally like mega:

If you need even more storage you might be able to find someone to share Teams Unlimited with:

I cant judge how reputable unlimited storage offers are but considering Dropbox also has an unlimited plan it might indeed be financially viable.