Basic Use Case Questions - When do and which files get encrypted?

I’ve -

  • Installed Cryptomator and GDrive sync
  • Created a vault on my GDrive

Now to understand when and which files get encrypted, are these accurate assumptions?

1 - Files that get uploaded from my laptop to the vault on GDrive get encrypted

2 - Files created, opened or modified through the GDrive web interface do not get encrypted

3 - Basically, Cryptomator creates an encrypted storage vault on GDrive, not an encrypted interactive workspace.

4 - I have to download a file to my laptop, work on it, then upload it again to ensure it stays encrypted.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Thank you!

Correct, you can not work on encrypted files via the web interface.

Only the files put inside the virtual drive, that Cryptomator provides, get encrypted. If you put files directly into the synced Google Drive directory, nothing special will happen to them. It is perfectly fine to have unencrypted files as well as Cryptomator vaults stored side by side in Google Drive.

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