Backup of vault files

I have a vault on my c drive, and want to make a backup on an external drive.
Now a vault is just files, so ofc i can backup those.
But as i read : the file masterkey.cryptomakar can be used to make a new password ? So if anyonemgets hold of my copy of files, tey can use this file to get access o my data in the vault ? I hope,ihave missunderstood something ?


Don’t know where you red this, but this is wrong.
Without your password the masterkey.cryptomator file is useless.
See here for details: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation
Btw, cryptomator was designed for online storage. So it would have been a really bad design if you can get access just with your vault files and the masterkey files, when a vault is typically stored online.

Also wrong, see above.

You have :slight_smile:

And in addition: the only 2 ways to change your vault password are:

  1. change your password by using the old password
  2. set up a new password by using the recovery key

Ty for the clarification.
Now i am trying different stretegies of backup.
On my ipad ( files) i can se the masterkey file and then the d folder containing.
So one strategy for backup cryptomator could be syncronizing the d- folder to one place and masterkey files to another place .
The usemcryptomator on my ipad to make local copies of fotoes, which i can use while offline.
Once i was going to show a foto to someone, but as we have no internet (was offline ) it would not show up.