Backing up a Vault (snapshot)

Has anyone a procedure for backing up your vault to a remote location. I imagine this might be difficult, as there are so many subdirectories involved. For example, say I have a long-term storage vendor and I just want to store a copy of that vault, I could create a zip and ship it up there. But in terms of re-time syncing, I’d imagine that would also present a challenge. Sounds like something to avoid actually, but I’m curious.

You are actually better to sync a vault 1:1 rather than zipping.

The great benefit of cryptomator is as long as your Masterkey and folder structure are intact, each individual file is encrypted and stored seperately.
If one file gets damaged, you likely only loose that one file.
When you compress(zip) the vault to back it up, if the zip is corrupted server side or in transit, you may lose the whole backup.

Theres many different ways and programs you could use to replicate the vault into the cloud.
Some providers have a “sync” folder. If your vault is stored there you should have a local copy which is regularly updated to the cloud.
Alternatively you could use a backup script or program at a regular interval to manually update the copy from local to remote.
Things to watch for here are a. ensure your backup software copies empty directories. b. ideally make sure timestamps are transferred with the file.