Autostart on Windows

Hi all, my first post. I’m trying to set up autostart on the Windows desktop app. I have Windows 10 and am struggling. All help welcome.

I have Cryptomator v1.3.1 so I’m supposed to be able to do this. I think step 1 is need to save my password but can’t even figure out how to do that. Can anyone help, perhaps with posting a step-by-step guide to setting up autostart on Windows?

I’ve tried to search the online help but can’t see that this has been set out in the existing posts on this subject e.g #40, #501, #502).

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Hi Nick.
Just place a link to the exe file in your auto start folder.
When you open cryptomator and click on your vault,you have to enter your password. Right there is an option box “auto open vault”. Enable that function.

Now, when you start your computer, the app will automatically start and open your vault.



Thank you so much Michael, I will try that.
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I would like to be more precise.
When you open your vault and the system is asking for your password, there’s a button below “more options”.
Click it and you can select if you want to

  1. save your password (yes, because your want to auto unlock your vault when starting cryptomator with autostart),
  2. automatically unlock your vault (yes. It is labeled as “beta/experimental”, but I never had any issues with it since i use)
  3. connect to a virtual drive (yes)
  4. Give the drive a name (optional)
  5. Show your drive (optional. I you enable that, your file explorer will open after unlocking your vault and show the virtual drive.)
  6. Select a drive letter (optional, but you should. Then always the same drive letter is used for the virtual drive. Very helpful for e.g. automatic backup processes)

After you have done you selections, click on “unlock vault”. This will save your preferences and

Every time you open cryptomator, it will auto unlock your vault and auto mount the virtual drive. If you want to do that when starting your computer, put a link of the cryptomator.exe in your autostart system folder.


I think that answer will be a great help to many, myself included.

Thanks again Michael,


I’m not sure if its still active.
I think putting the app in startup folder is great but can be better.

Is it possible to make cryptomator run automatically without window popping up but run silently in the task bar?

The new version 1.5 can do that as far as I know.