Auto-upload doesn't work

I have just installed the android app so that I can automatically backup my photos to GDrive. I activated ‘Automatic photo upload’ and choose a vault for the upload. I took a test photo and it uploaded fine. However the next time I tried the photo wasn’t uploaded. It only resumed upload when I unlocked the vault again. That of course makes sense. But I would rather not have to do this every time so I disabled ‘Automatic locking’ in the app settings assuming the auto-upload would work in the background when the vault remained unlocked. But it doesn’t.

Upload only resumes if I manually lock the vault and then unlock it again. Even then if I immidiately take another photo this isn’t uploaded. Only if I again lock and unlock the vault. Is this intended behaviour? I expected the app to automatically register new photos and uploading them right after I take them.

In settings I have disabled ‘Upload only using Wifi’.

It is the way it is currently implemented, but it still needs to be improved. First, a concept needs to be developed for when exactly to upload, because, for example, you often take several pictures of the same subject shortly after each other to have a good picture of it, but you don’t want the same tree to end up 20 times in the cloud, but first sort it out locally, etc.

This feature request is tracked in:

Another user’s idea was to optionally leave the vault for the auto upload “always” open. With its own setting so that it then works independently of the auto lock of the other vaults…this could be taken into account directly in the implementation of this enhancement.

Thank you for the answer. I guess the name ‘Automatic’ made me expect it to work in a manner similar to ordinary cloud backups. I think it makes sense to have an extra option to keep only the auto-upload vault open.

Yes, I absolutely agree with you, the name will fit better after the mentioned improvements.