Auto Sync local folder to Cryptomator folder

What tool can I use for real time synchronisation of my local documents with my cryptomator folder? I tried Personal Backup and FreeFileSync but they always sync the whole folder instead of only one file. With large folders with a lot of files this takes up much time.

I solved this problem by creating my vault on my cloud server rather than locally on my PC.

Then, I mount a drive on windows or a folder on Linux, using Rclone.

My backups or created in the cloud. I subscribe to Google Drive and Onedrive. Pcloud is my backup server. I use Rclone to keep each of those two cloud providers In Sync with my backup server.

I have 3 windows computers, a Linux computer, a Chromebook, tablet, an phone. Using this configuration I can get to my data from any of my devices and I don’t worry about any one of my devices crashing because the data is not local.

Instead of using two cloud providers you can use an external SSD drive and use Rlone to synchronize with the data from the cloud to the SSD drive so you always have a backup.

So I use OneDrive. I have my vault on OneDrive and I wanna sync my Document folder automatically to my cryptomator vault on OneDrive. Are you saying you use rclone to do this?

What are you trying to achieve?

Its it backing up your data from your documents folder to a Vault which is synced to One drive?

  • in this case I would recommend using personal backup and let it run once a day in the evening. You can also have it only process changed or new files and don’t touch the once that are already in sync. If you want it to be reliable keep it simple by eliminating the real time sync and make it time based.

Or is it data from your documents folder to a vault in the cloud and having a second computer where the same process happens backwards? (Vault to Documents folder)

  • In this case I would work directly in the vault and skip the part of storing in the documents folder. Again reliability is higher when you eliminate one potential source of error. In this case the unnecessary step of moving data into and out of the vault.