Auto mount in linux


Is there a way to auto mount a container in linux?

Preferably without entering password, so its just read from somewhere?

Don’t mind storing password, as full disk is already encrypted.



For sure, this should help you:


You’ll find this options by clicking on “More options” after selecting the vault (②)

If you activate also “Reveal Drive”, the vault will also be opened in the explorer.

thats probably a windows gui.

on linux those options are greyed out.

also there isn’t any command line options on cryptomator so i can’t put the mount command on startup which is a real downside compared to cryfs


It’s Ubuntu… :slight_smile:

If it’s greyed out on Linux, you probably don’t have GNOME keyring installed or another keychain that is accessible via the Secret Service API.

Not sure what to do then…

Have kde manjaro and all greyed out.

Is there a way for command line interaction to automate stuff?


There is a cli, but this is a community contribution not actively developed. The last commit is over 1.5 years ago.