Auto Fetch Vaults and Show File Sync Status

Hi, I’m using Onedrive and I have a couple of questions.

I created 10+ vaults of various categories in different directories and hierarchies levels on my desktop. How can I auto fetch all the vault locations on my laptop easily?

I have tried Mountain Duck just for a quick while but I find it very slow/sluggish on my windows 10. Onedrive’s own desktop client is really fast and the files on demand feature is solid. Is there a way to show the sync status of the files within a vault using Onedrive?

You have to configure the OneDrive sync client to include all vault into its sync to your laptop.

I’m afraid, no. That would mean that the OneDrive client would have to look inside the vault and therefore expose the vault content to the storage provider. Cryptomator was build to prevent exactly this.

Sorry, I’m new to this. What do you mean by that?
When I install my Onedrive desktop client, all files are shown but with the sync status as Online-Only but I can see vault’s master keys in the respective vaults folders as per normal. But now within the Cryptomator app, I have to individually add this master keys as vaults. So is there any way for Cryptomator to search Onedrive for all vaults and auto-populate the list of vaults in the Cryptomator app?

I understand!

No. You have to add them one by one, manually searching for them. A possible easy way is to search in your OneDrive Folder for “masterkey.cryptomator” via your file browser and open them (e.g. double-click). This works, because Cryptomator registered the file ending “cryptomator” in your system.