As to the assurance of integrity and backups, what is recommended whilst maintaining confidentiality?

As suggested by @overheadhunter in a previous post, it would be valuable to evaluate options that the community has adopted.

And as mentioned in the other post: You need to tell some details about your setup, otherwise nobody will be able to give a good answer to your question.

What do you want to achieve? What OS, what programs, what kind of data? What are your backup intervals, your attached media, what cloud storage services do you want to use? What experience do you have? Do you understand the basic concepts of mtbf and how redundancy affects it?

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  1. Operating environments - Windows 10 & Linux derivatives such as OpenSUSE and Ubuntu, Android, iOS
  2. Data - Media files e.g. audio, video, design, working files e.g. word processing, financial
  3. Backup (as of today) - External medium such as harddrives. Since the amount of data continues to grow (5TB and more), the costs of maintaining multiple harddrives isn’t optimal and doesn’t lend well to easy of accessibility and availability. The harddrives are synchronized to maintain currency e.g. master/slave
  4. Cloud/Online storage - None at this stage. Evaluating secure options. Assessed Tresorit,, pCloud, DropBox, Google Drive,
  5. Cloud/Online storage requirements - Support for Windows, Linux and mobile, selective sync (as attempting to ensure consistency of large datasets across mobile devices isn’t feasible), secure in flight, at rest, control over encryption/private keys (e2ee), scalable data storage, cost effective (e.g. Tresorit is far to expensive), ideally no ingress and egress costs, limited throttling, strong security and privacy practices, preferably non-5 eyes and if achievable 14, responsive support, 3-2-1 backup strategy. Ideally something that allows a balance between active use of data and archiving.
  6. Experience - Well versed however I’m assessing options that essentially enable my grandma to use the solution with the least amount of administrative overhead, esoteric code e.g. rclone, etc
  7. If you are referring to Mean Time Between Failures, yes, I am aware of it. I am however open to learning further (I won’t know everything).

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.