Are you Guys working on thumbnail feature in cryptomator vault?

@SailReal Respected Sir,
i want to know are you guys working on “thumbnails feature” in cryptomator vault for videos and photos? Sir, please don’t recommend any other post because i am unable to get answer of my question in other posts which were posted regarding this feature.

I just want to know are cryptomator Team working on it?
all i want is your answer in Yes or No. Thankyou Sir, sometimes i wonder how boxcryptor is able to provide thumbnails. It 's the only one feature where boxcryptor can defeat cryptomator.

keep working cryptomator team on this wonderful app.

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Just wanted to sub this ;). I think this is a very important feature. As I understand, you are aiming to get the main revenue by mobile users. Encrypting images is probably one of the most common use cases there. Without thumbnails, it is really a pain to use it.

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Having thumbs for PDF would be great too :slight_smile:

I am willing to pay and donate for this feature

We are just finishing the development of vault format 8 and after that the next big feature will be the document provider, which offers the possibility to access the vault content via third party apps. This document provider basically also has the option to support thumbnails. We will take a close look at this while designing and developing the document provider and if it fits, we will implement it. If this is not a good option, we will postpone it.

To sum it up: There is a possibility that thumbnails will come with the document provider feature, but it may also turn out to be not a good option and we will have to wait a bit longer.


sir, i think boxcryptor is somehow similar to cryptomator. boxcryptor has thumbnails feature. pardon me but i don’t understand why cryptomator can’t have.
without this feature, it has no meaning to use cryptomator because i have 1000 images in my vault but i don’t know how to find a image when i need it. i have to download entire vault and then have to look each picture or have to export that vault content to get that particular picture. that’s very ridiculous sir.