Are there any limits on the number of folders a Vault can host?

Perhaps a silly question, but is there any limit to the number of first level folders that a single vault can contains?
Just looking at the encrypted set of files and folder in Dropbbox, I can see the vault containing folders with a 2 characters structure made by letters and numbers. The total should be 1296 combinations unless mistaken.

Two similar questions found don’t fully provide the answer as far as I can tell.

Anybody shedding a light here?


no, there is no limit of 1st level folders.
You are assuming, that each 2-digit folder of the encrypted vault files is a 1:1 to a 1st level folder within your vault. Or that the structure of the encrypted vault files is a 1:1 match of your structure of the folders inside the vault.
But this is not the case.
See the documentation: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

dirIdHash := base32(sha1(aesSiv(dirId, null, encryptionMasterKey, macMasterKey)))
dirPath := vaultRoot + '/d/' + substr(dirIdHash, 0, 2) + '/' + substr(dirIdHash, 2, 30)

That means: every folder name is transferred to a UUID and encrypted
The first 2 letters of that encrypted ID are the folders you named, the remaining 28 letters are subfolders of the vault (not vault content). Id does not matter what folder structure is actually in your vault. This information is stored separately.
Hopefully I coud explain that understandable.

I’d say I’ve lost some bits, but eventually the key concept is there is not 1:1 matching, hence there are virtually NO Limits.