Apparent vault directory corruption in IOS Monterey

I had several zipped files and unzipped one, then later noticed that one of the directories in the unzipped folders contained the entire Vault folder set including files. I moved that out to a temporary desktop folder. BUT, while the folder then displayed as empty, when I tried to remove it, it displayed deletig 137 files. These are old tax files so I’m really concerned here.
Runnig Cryptoatoir V 1.6.5 and Mac Monterey 12.1

Just to get this right: the „zipped files“ part is irrelevant to this question. To rephrase it:

You deleted a directory from within an unlocked vault. During deletion some progress indicator showed to delete 137 files, despite the directory being empty.

Did I get this correct?

One possibility could be: the folder only appeared to be empty but contained hidden files (e.g. files starting with .).