APIs to access vaults from CLI, tools or languages?

Are there any plans to provide an API for use with command line tools or, languages like Ruby or Python? Is anyone aware of a way to interact with the Cryptomator vaults on the CLI – that is, unlock/lock/copy – presuming a local copy, as there are already tools to remotely replicate content (ie: rclone, et al).

I am aware of the “duck” command, but it’s so poorly documented in terms of it’s “–vault” capability that I’ve dumped it.

There is the CLI project. It is not as good maintained as the the GUI app, but it should work with the latest vault format.

Looks like a bit of a hack, probably OK for casual use. In my case, where I want to create some automation, it wouldn’t work well.

Boxcryptor has some API stuff, looks like there’s python, at least (not trying to start a debate, just a note). Perhaps something similar for Cryptomator might be good to have on the roadmap – Ruby/Python and/or some good CLI tool that can do all functions, wrapped around the API.

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