Any way to work around lack of local disk space?


I am setting up cryptomator with onedrive

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my windows 10 pc doesn’t have much space available on its ssd. the 80gb folder i want to encrypt resides on one of my nas storage drives.

i have onedrive set to only download files as i need them, so in a normal file syncing situation i could just copy the 80gb folder directly from my nas to onedrive without it impacting space on my local ssd.

however unless i have misunderstood the cryptomator setup, the creation of a vault containing 80gb of files would mean needing 80gb of space on my local c: drive, al be it masked as a virtual drive.

is that correct, and is there any workaround where the vault could take its virtual drive space on one of my nas drives, or otherwise process the encryption for onedrive without retaining the local copy?

thanks in advance

This might interest you.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate you taking the time to reply, however I have read the complete thread of the referenced post and cannot see how it resolves my problem.

It is not the sync that is the issue for me, but that (unless I have misunderstood the setup process) the encryption process takes place in a vault on my local machine drive, so requiring space i do not have available. If there is a way to have the vault on one of my nas drives it would resolve the problem - but I have read and re-read the help guides and cannot see any option but for the vault to be automatically created on my c: drive.

the issue of syncing can be dealt with easily with a toggle in onedrive settings.

If you use cyberduck, the encryption takes place during upload of a file to your provider. Unfortunately I cannot answer the NAS question. Maybe someone else?

For the benefit of anybody else with the same problem I think I have found the answer.

Though the vault is created on your local drive by default, you can go into settings once it has been created and choose a custom location for the mount.

In my case selecting to mount the virtual drive on my nas means cryptomator will do its stuff without taking the space on my local machine drives. One drive has updated its linked local folder automatically too.

I didn’t see this detailed in the documentation, i know a lot of us like to keep our local drives for OS and tasks with our file structures elsewhere - so I think it will be a very useful feature for some users.

EDIT: maybe not the solution i was hoping for. changing the mount location after the vault has been created is not recognised by onedrive, so though my local vault is now on my nas as required, onedrive isn’t seeing it. I’m working on it and will report back, but if anybody has any insight in the meantime it would be much appreciated.

@Michael - thanks again, i think i have found the answer here. turns out the vault can be mounted on nas