Any way to see encryption progress bar? Can you access files from the cloud before it all finishes?

I’ve copied 200 GB of data to the unlocked folder .
I left the first PC and accessed the vault with another PC few hours later. Checking the folder size, it shows only 30GB out of the 200GB but keeps progressively slowly increasing.

What is going on?

  1. Is there any progress bar to know how much has been encrypted and how much is left? Cloud programs already have that for the upload/download, they let you know how much data is left for them to download from the cloud folders to the local folders, when you have set up a sync.
    If there is no progress bar for the encryption, then I’m surprised. So either encryption is very fast, or somehow nobody has thought of this inconvenience.

  2. How much time would it typically take to encrypt this much data on an SSD with 150MB/s read/write and i7 CPU? i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz × 4

  3. Some vault subfolders I try to access from the second PC, it does, with a lot of lag (~5 seconds). It almost feels like the Cryptomator from the first PC away from me is detecting that the vault content is being requested to be accessed from the cloud, and stops what it currently is encrypting to encrypt and provide the requested files to the cloud first. Is something clever like that happening here, or am I mistaken and the vault folders from the second PC are being loaded very slow for another reason ?

You sync is going on. It depends on various things how fast the sync is. You can track the progress in the sync app you are using. This is nothing cryptomator can show, as cryptomator is not doing the sync.

You can see the activity of cryptomator in the right lower corner of the app.

Cryptomators encryption is on the fly and very fast. You should not notice any delay when working on your files.

Again, cryptomator does not do the sync. It does not connect to your cloud storage directly. So cryptomator does not know the state of your sync or what other pc is doing. The behaviour that you are describing looks like a download issue on your second pc. Means the files needed to be encrypted on your second pc are not offline available, so your sync client has to download them, and it seems that it needs some time to do that.

Cryptomator can show how much data is left to be encrypted. This is what is needed. Encrypting 200GB of data takes time, my understanding is encryption speed is slower than raw SSD read/write speeds, based on my experience creating uncompressed 7Z encrypted files.

I see that. But I see no progress bar. Is it so fast that one isn’t needed?

Cryptomators encryption is on the fly and very fast. You should not notice any delay when working on your files.

My SSD read/write speed is 150MByte/s. But it seems like when I copy folders/files to the unlocked folder, they are copied to at max 3MByte/s speeds (1GB files, not many tiny files). Is my understanding correct that the file manager is somehow copying the files only as fast as they can be encrypted by Cryptomator?


As said, Cryptomator does encryption on the fly. That means, if you copy a file into the vault, then your file explorer shows a time needed to copy/move the file to the vault. This time includes the time needed to encrypt. This means also, that if your OS shows that the copy process is finished, also the encryption is finished. For example. I created 1000 files with ~300 GB and copied them from my ssd to a vault on a ssd. This took ~15 minutes. If I just copy these file somewhere outside a vault, then the same process will take ~5 minutes

exactly :slight_smile:

Okay, it was not at all clear to me that Cryptomator integrated so tightly with the OS/file manager. I expected something like how cloud storages work: when files are finished copying to the local cloud drive, it still takes time for all the data to be transferred to the internet and you can observe the progress from the app. The file manager doesn’t slow down to accommodate for the internet transfer speed. At least with pCloud.