Any plans to expand search to all folders?

It appears that Cryptomator will only search in the current folder. This makes it a PITA to store a large number of files in the cloud. I get the complexity of indexing file contents on iOS, but searching for the file names across different folders in one CM vault shouldn’t be that complicated ?

Thanks !

Current state of discussion:

So, the current state is basically “not now ;)”.

I understand there are technical difficulties. Unfortunately from a usability perspective, CM’s function as a secure data vault is rather severely hindered as long as that data can’t be reliably and quickly retrieved on the mobile devices (and the main reason for many people to use cloud storage at all is to share the data between their desktop and mobile).

Perhaps there could be a compromise of sorts where an index could be created on the desktop using a 3rd party software (e.g. Docfetcher) and the mobile version of CM simply uses that already created index ?