Any issues with storing a vault inside a vault?

Is there going to be a problem / performance hit if I store a CM vault inside another vault (different passwords) ? I am using Windows and iOS versions, primarily, and sometimes Linux.

Basically, I have the main Data vault that contains general personal files and is located in my Dropbox. This Data vault is being automatically mounted on Windows login, and used as my main documents library. The vault’s content is accessible at all times from my computer, and mainly encrypted for cloud storage.

Then there’s a second vault, Protected, that has more sensitive data in it. That vault is also located in my Dropbox directory, has a different password, and stays locked unless I need to use it.

Ideally, I’d like to keep the Protected vault (with it’s own password) inside the Data vault, mainly to simplify the backup process, but also to have one more layer of protection in the cloud. Is this possible, or is there a potential problem ?

Thanks !

Theoretically, it’s possible to store a vault inside a vault. However, I wouldn’t recommend it because it has a significant impact on performance. And it also won’t work with iOS because there is no workflow for that.

Since the passwords are already different, I would just put the vaults next to each other. I understand what you’re trying to achieve (similar to two-factor) but this isn’t possible with Cryptomator. Related discussion is here (and this one might also be interesting).

Ok. Thank you ! Will just keep them separated.

If you want an attacker to have a harder time bruteforcing your password, you should simply use a longer password instead of nesting vaults. The password length exponentially increases bruteforcing difficulty.

Well, nesting vaults also has the advantage of hiding the second vault… but it’s not a major deal.

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