Any issues for Cryptomator when installing Windows 11?

Considering moving from 10 Pro to 11 Pro. Any issues as far as CR is concerned?

There are some reports in this board when people had trouble with dokany on windows 11. They switched to WinSFP and then had no issues.
Not sure what’s the problem with dokany and Win11 and if there was a fix meanwhile.

Can you add just a sentence or two more on context so I understand what you mean and what to do?

You need a virtual file system to display your unlocked vault as drive in windows explorer.
That can be windows WebDAV, dokany or WinSFP.
WebDAV is Part of the OS, but has limitations.
So many people use one of the other options (dokany or WinSFP) and install these 3rd party file systems
If you are on windows 11 I would recommend WinSFP, because some users reported problems with dokany on windows 11.

OK thanks for the explanation. I feel more comfortable moving ahead with that now!