Any help to calculate md5 checksum for file ALREADY on cloud/google drive?


For the cloud drive I think we need.

  1. encryption… so others cant read our minds
  2. verification (md5 of files ALREADY on cloud), so I know the upload/(download) is correct.

For 2.
rclone and google drive originally provide a rclone checksum command, or “drive sum” plugin to calculate the checksum of the upload-ed plain text file. But ofcoz this is NOT working if the files are cryptomated.

Essentially, I have a 4GB file inside a cryptomator vault on google drive.
currently, I plan to use beyond compare to compare files by files, as I can save the progress
into the program’s “profile” and do the verification spanned into several days.

I doubt if I can use ordinary checksum program say md5 file hasher, corz checksum etc as they may not finish calculation of say 400GB files per day and write into the .md5 file.

it would be nice if cryptomator can provide some assistance, if the algorithm support.

For 1.
cryptomator can provide AES256 to files, plus it’s open source. I dont want to say too much.
But if you are paranoid like me, I will first use cryptsync to 7zip-encrypt-aes256 every files INDIVIDUALLY into a .7z, then upload to the cloud by cryptomator. More detail could be told if some people interested.


actually the md5 of unopen, encrypted vault s file on google drive could be given by GD plugin “drive sum”.

then i can compare the unopen-ed vault on local disk.

this is less prefere-ed as the list contain encrypted filename and md5 hash. its scary but it should work at the moment.

better than using beyond compare as it mean downloading the file and hash, which double the time.