Answer: Vault Fails to Load - Errors NTQS OR EIRD OR 3BL9

I’m posting this in the hopes it might help someone in the future. Took me a few minutes to figure it out, but someone less tech savvy, might get horribly frustrated.

v. 1.7.1 - installed yesterday afternoon. But I’m guessing it probably could happen with older versions as well…

I came to the computer this morning and it was locked up… odd, so I had to hold the power button down. When it came back up Cryptomator would not load any vaults.

I have it loading into a directory. C:\Vault-Name

However, when the computer crashed, Cryptomator never had the chance to lock the vault. Therefore, the symlink created when it unlocks and mounts to “C:\Vault-Name” was never restored back to an actual folder. The symlink remained.

To fix the problem: Make sure Cryptomator is NOT running. Then, just delete the “folder” that appears. So for me “C:\Vault-Name”… Just delete what looks like a folder. It’s really a symlink. Then just recreate C:\Vault-Name.

Restart Cryptomator and voila it’ll work again.

Here’s an update… you also have to delete the .~$Vault-Name.tmp files. They are hidden.

This keeps happening to me, something’s not right with 1.7.1… if the computer is left idle, the whole system freezes…