Android Vault content in Windows

Hi. I have recently purchased cryptomator from google playstore. I have used the app to backup content to my nextcloud server. Since image thumbnails aren’t available, it’s hard for me to find what is what on a smartphone. So I figured that Desktop would be a much better choice for such purpose.

But the desktop app doesn’t have the webdav configuration/connection process to nextcloud server. It’s worth mentioning here that I used webdav process on my android app to connect to the nextcloud server. So naturally, I am looking for similar setup/configuration on desktop app but have not found it. I am not sure on how to proceed if I want to view the backed up content on desktop. Please help

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

The desktop applications don’t access your web storage directly. You need to integrate in your operating system first before you can work with Cryptomator.

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