Android text editor for .txt files - search functionality

Hey all. Text files don’t seem to support a search feature. Could we build this into cryptomator for Android?


Do you mean:

  1. search within an opened txt file?
  2. search a phrase across all txt files within a vault?

The latter is not possible without previously downloading and decrypting all txt files, as searching is not possible on ciphertexts.

Sorry, I should’ve been a bit more specific here.

What I am saying is this:

In Android in the cryptomator app: once I open the vault by decrypting it using my password, I have a folder of text files. I open one of the text files and cryptomator opens it using the cryptomator in-built text editor. What I am wanting to do once this decrypted file from cryptomator is open, is that I am trying to search for specific string of texts in the text file. Problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any search feature for this cryptomator text editor that opens text files. Was wondering if this feature could be added.

Let me know if you have any questions on what I’m trying to say.

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Really need a search option to search within a decrypted text file - or the option to select a text editor by choice on Android.

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